Vintage Frames Company X CAZAL 951 Mod Col 330.
-The Vintage Frames Company has had the pleasure of co-branding and bringing back to life an exclusive amount of the infamous 951Mod Col 330 CAZAL red-framed sunglasses-



Montreal, QC (September, 2010) – With four years of proven success, the Vintage Frames Company has established themselves in the glasses, fashion and music world as a leader and pioneer of the vintage frames industry. It is with great pride that the Vintage Frames Company has collaborated with such a highly respected and iconic eyewear enterprise like CAZAL.


It was in the early 80’s when CAZAL’s top model was put on the market. The 951 Mod Col 330 is the reason why CAZAL was able to reach monumental heights in the sunglass community and beyond. What originated in Germany quickly made its way into the North American urban world and became THE sunglass of hip-hop artists in the US. Since they were a hot commodity, it became a problem when people started to “snatch” them, which lead to rap group, The CAZAL Boys and other artists like Jazzy Jeff, to create a song called “Snatchin’ CAZALS”. This was a phenomenon that nobody could have predicted and shocked everyone including internationally renowned eyewear designer and creator Cari Zalloni.


Fashion addicts of the world can rejoice and relish in the return on the 951 CAZAL. The legend is back and can once again be the most wanted pair of sunglasses to grace the faces of today’s fashion elite. In the words of CAZAL, “The 951 was designed and created for the hottest places on the planet- in a worldwide limited edition. Eyewear doesn’t come any more exclusive than this”.


With only fifty pairs of these sought-after frames, Vintage Frames Company is once again proving why they are the number one purveyor in the Vintage eyewear industry. CAZAL has exclusively co-branded with the Vintage Frames Company to bring back to the fashionistas of the world this beautifully crafted frame. The versatility and luxury of this model is what made this sunglass into such an iconic piece of eyewear. The Vintage Frames Company recognized its historical importance to the music and fashion world and made it a priority to bring it back to life.

The 951 Mod CAZAL Col 330 red-framed sunglass will be available on the new Vintage Frames Company e-commerce website www.vintageframesshop.com


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